12 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest for Business

12 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest for Business

Social media has been shown to be an extremely effective method for promotion. One of the newer social media platforms that has shown fantastic results is Pinterest, and because of these fantastic results, many companies are now using Pinterest for business marketing. Pinterest is a social media website that allows users to share visuals on “pinboards”. These visuals can be photos or images of things people love. They can be categorized and pinned onto various pinboards that can have whatever titles you want. These images are sized to the same width, but the length can be whatever the user wants.

Although Pinterest is still very new, it has shown great potential and marketers are already taking advantage of this new form of publicity. Here are some things that you should know about using Pinterest for business promotion so you can make the most of this new advertising avenue.

1. Pinterest is the world’s most quickly growing social media platform, already claiming third place in the world’s favorite social media websites. Pinterest already had 104 million visitors in March of 2012, a mere 24 months since its beginning in March, 2010. The number of unique visitors has jumped 2,700% since March 2011. Twitter is just ahead of Pinterest and LinkedIn is just behind in their number of users.

2. The three most popular categories are crafts, fashion, and home.

3. Pinterest users spend more time on the website than Facebook users do, on average. Facebook still claims the most visitors, but Pinterest users tend to stay on the site longer each visit. Facebook users are on Facebook about 12 minutes per day on average, but Pinterest users stay on for 16 minutes per day on average.

4. Most likely you are already on Pinterest. People post pictures and links of things they like, so there’s a good chance that someone has pinned your website pictures on their board. If you do not want people to repin your pins you can add code on your website that prevents it. However this is free publicity, so unless you have sensitive material, allowing people to pin your pictures can help boost your business.

5. You can pin videos! You can pin a Vimeo or YouTube symbol to get your video onto Pinterest.

6. More than half of Pinterest users are women and has a reputation of being geared towards the ladies, but men are now taking a firm interest in the website as well. As of early 2012 the numbers were 35% men and 65% women.

7. You can now do self-promotion on Pinterest, something that was not allowed until recently. Although smart marketers discovered ways to share valuable content that would attract users in a fun and interesting way, without actually promoting themselves. Even though self promotion is now allowed, this method still holds firm; provide interesting material, and people will repin it and want to see more of what you have to offer.

8. Pinterest allows you to sell things. When a price is added into the picture’s description, Pinterest automatically flags it and will show the price.

9. Image links are no-follow links. This can be changed by adding coding to the image description.

10. Hash tags are also used on Pinterest, although it is not widely utilized yet. If a user marks a picture with a hash tag then other people can see each picture that was pinned with the same name.

11. The biggest demographic on Pinterest is between 25-34 years old; however, people of all ages use Pinterest.

12. More than 50% of the users on Pinterest have children.

Since using Pinterest for business marketing is so new you may be wondering if it’s a worthwhile use of your time. Since you can sync your Twitter and Pinterest accounts to your Pinterest, you only need to share your post once. Pinterest is a great place to share images with your business’s fans and for you to find interesting material yourself. This is another website that all marketers should take seriously.

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