Brand Advocates and Your Company’s Success


Brand Advocates and Your Company’s Success

Brand advocates. These hard-to-get customers are any marketer’s dream come true. A brand advocate is someone who genuinely likes a particular brand and promotes it to other people voluntarily. A brand advocate is a company’s best friend, but they do not come easily. These self-appointed marketers must be earned; they are true fans that genuinely love your product or services and want to tell the world about it. These are not people who have been paid to share your brand’s name, these are people who genuinely want to talk about your brand because they believe in it.

There are a few characteristics of brand advocates that marketers should be aware of:

1. 67% of brand advocates recommend both business and consumer products, and 31% only recommend consumer services and products, such as restaurants, hotels, airlines, electronics, vehicles, etc.

2. A brand advocate is active. 16% of them recommend over 15 different brands to their network, and 32% recommend over 10 brands to their networks. 30% of brand advocates post weekly about the brands they like.

3. Brand advocates have vast social networks, including social media. In our modern world that is saturated with social media connections, brand advocates now have a very effective way to share their favorite brands- and they tend to have a very high number of social connections. A brand advocate has an average of 200-450 people in their social network, with 18% having over 500 people in their social network.

4. Brand advocates increase sales! 61% of people consider buying the brand, service, or product that a brand advocate recommends. People are more likely to trust an endorsement made by a friend than an advertisement.

5. You can’t buy a brand advocate. Only 1% of brand advocates will recommend a brand because of incentives or rewards, compared to 50% of brand advocates that cited good experiences with the company’s services or products as a motivation, and 37% that wanted to help their friends make smart buying decisions.

So what is the best way to get a brand advocate? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Give them a good experience. By providing customers with a good experience and quality products, you will create brand advocates who are passionate about promoting your brand.

2. Relevant marketing. A vital part of attracting brand advocates is through targeted and relevant marketing. 4 out of 10 subscribers have admitted that they will mark emails as spam just because they were irrelevant. Marketing emails that target specific audiences will get 50% more response. So when you target these brand advocates, make sure you use relevant marketing.

Finding and energizing these brand advocates is a vital part of any business’s success. And providing an excellent customer experience to create even more brand advocates is a target goal that all companies should have. A brand advocate is a company’s best friend, so make them a priority for all departments of your company, not just marketing.

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