Making Customer Experience the Core of Any Internet Marketing Strategy – PT 1


Making Customer Experience the Core of Any Internet Marketing Strategy – PT 1

Here’s an important question for every business owner to ask themselves: To what degree does customer experience factor in to your current marketing strategies?

If customer experience (CX) is a new idea for you, a great way to think of it is as the overall experience — positive, negative or neutral — a customer has with a particular business. This experience begins at their discovery and awareness of the brand, all the way through their interaction, purchase, use, and potentially even advocacy of that brand. In today’s technologically-driven world, chances are high that the interactions you have with your customers are going to include one or more digital channels (for example your website, landing pages, email campaigns, mobile website or app, social media campaigns, and more). That’s the increasingly important subset of customer experience marketing (CXM), something we in the world of internet marketing refer to as “Digital Experience Management.” In other words, customer experience is way more than just a friendly voice on the phone.

In order to deliver an amazing customer experience, you need to think like a customer. But how? Here are three critical “Be’s” to consider that will help you deliver a superior digital customer experience:

1) Be Relevant- Creating relevant marketing strategies requires most importantly that you understand your customers. Understanding your customers is critical so that you can present them with exactly the content they want at the right time. This is the definition of being relevant, and it requires a deep understanding of not just your target audience(s), but also the customer journey. This includes how future customers find you, how you market your products or services to them, and how you support them after the sale has taken place. Relevancy is the core of any successful company.

2) Be Consistent- Today, most marketing is principally organized around three specific digital marketing channels — web, email, and social media. Unfortunately, your customers don’t see these as marketing channels the way you do. What they see is your company. Marketers must put the customer at the center of their focus and design a consistent experience for them that bridges throughout these digital channels.

3) Be Iterative-  Focusing on customer experience means putting the right processes in place to understand customer behavior. After this, it is important to make improvements to the various digital channels through constant optimization. This is not a one-time effort!

Now that you understand a little bit better how to put yourself in the shoes of your so you can create a better experience, go ahead and read Part II of this blog to learn how to apply these ideas to the necessary digital channels, and learn how to be relevant, consistent, and iterative in your internet marketing strategies so that you can deliver an incredible customer experience.

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