What You Need to Know Before Developing Your SEO Plan


What You Need to Know Before Developing Your SEO Plan

SEO is Dead

On the contrary search engine optimization (SEO) is evolving and you need to clear the dust off   your old SEO plan. The new year is here and you need to make your resolution to get on board with the new SEO strategies.

The days of writing only with the search engines in mind or tricking the algorithms is over. The search engines are wise to those games and they are continually upgrading their guidelines to improve the results they provide to users.

For this new year, it is important for you to develop an SEO plan that encompasses social media, relevant content and targeted keywords.

Get Social

Social media is here to stay so get use to in and join in on the fun. It is the way most people share information with their friends and family. Search engines are now starting to tap into social media and using it to return more and more relevant results to users. Rumor has it, Google wants to eventually rank sites according to their social signals.

Engagement with your audience is important and definitely what your customers expects now-a-days. Consumers no longer want to purchase services or products from a faceless corporation. They want to get to know the values and mission of your company. Communicating at a grassroots level is a simple way to interact with your target market.

Get Relevant

You can’t just publish fluff stuffed with keywords and think that’s enough to satisfy the search engines. Your content has to be relevant to your site and industry. The site content needs to be updated often and written in a way that is easily crawlable by the search engines.

Keywords and phrases are important but it must not disrupt the integrity of the writing. Hiring an SEO writer is a good investment as they are familiar with an SEO plan. They are masters at weaving together all the intricate components while delivering interesting readable content.

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