Importance of Having a Mobile Friendly Site

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Importance of Having a Mobile Friendly Site

The rise in use of smartphones has given way to a new way of browsing the Internet. No longer do people have to be tethered to a bulky computer to access the internet. So what exactly does this mean for your company’s website?

It means as the times change, your site will have to adapt. Have you accessed a site on your smartphone that is not mobile friendly?

If you have, then you will know that it looks like – a miniature version of the regular site. And that means that it will look tiny on your smartphone. The font is microscopic to say the least and if your target market is 30+, chances are they cannot read your site.

Also, no one has time or wants to scroll through a massive site to find information. If your customer is using a smartphone, that means they are on the go and they need to find what they want NOW.

Did you know that people will be shopping in a store for an item and then use their smartphone to shop and compare with your competition? If your competitor’s site helps them find what they want quicker, you just surely lost a sale.

So for the reasons listed above, it is important that you get a mobile friendly design for your site. The mobile site has to be a simplified version of your site that is fast and easy to navigate.

It should have a way for customers to easily contact you, say with a call us now button that automatically dials your number. Your address and a map should be available so they can locate your store, if you have one.

If possible, allow customers to directly make a purchase of your products or services directly from their mobile device.

Getting you up to speed and increasing your ROI is our priority. Contact us today so we can design a mobile friendly site for you.

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