What Kind of Jobs are Offered at Internet Marketing Firms


What Kind of Jobs are Offered at Internet Marketing Firms

What kinds of careers can you find at internet marketing firms? If you are Internet savvy, creative, meticulous, analytical, organized and a quick thinker, then you would like a career with an internet marketing firm. It’s a fast paced environment that can guarantee you will never experience a dull moment. Careers with internet marketing firms vary so you can have a more behind-the-scenes job like web development or interface with clients on a daily basis in more of a sales or public relations position.

Here are a few of the careers you can have with internet marketing firms:

  • Sales – You are the fast talking mover and shaker that brings in the big clients.
  • Public Relations – You are the bubbly personality that keeps the firm out in the media in a positive light. You also do the same for all the clients.
  • Social Media Expert – You position the client’s website on all relevant social media platforms. You make sure clients interact with their audience in a natural comfortable manner.
  • Graphic Artist – You are the artistic talent that can design a well optimized site that not only looks great but is SEO friendly.
  • Content Writer – Your are the SEO expert that knows how to write web pages and blogs so the client’s site is ranked high with the search engines.
  • Analytics Expert – You live and breathe numbers and reports. You can dive into different analytical tools like Omniture to pulls reports that detail how a website is performing.
  • Project Manager – Organization and deadlines are your passion. You track the project from beginning to end all while staying within the budget.
  • Creative Director – You are the brains of the production department. You know the brand of each client and work with the entire team to ensure the project keeps a consistent look and feel.
  • Web Developer – You are the coding guru that builds the front and back end of a site. You know how to work with HTML and PHP to build a structure that is optimized for SEO yet very consumer friendly to navigate.

As you can see there are many jobs you can hold at internet marketing firms. Whether you are creative or tech savvy, you are sure to find a spot to show off your talents.

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