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Substantial Increase In


Over the past 5 years, the use of  marketing targeted specifically to mobile has increased substantially alongside the growth of mobile browsing. In fact, over half of all web browsing now takes place from a mobile device, surpassing desktop browsing in Spring 2015.


With this rapidly increasing mobile traffic made possible by continual advances in mobile technology, more of your potential customers will first engage with your brand from a mobile device, meaning the value of mobile advertisements will only continue to grow.


Harness the Power


Today, people have their mobile devices on them throughout the entire day; from morning until they fall asleep. This means that you as a business have the ability to reach out to them wherever they are, instead of having to wait until they logged onto the internet. This gives you the power to connect with your customers at almost any time of the day.

Understanding The

As stated previously, customers keep their phones turned on and physically on their bodies wherever they are. This is where you as a business can reach out to your customers with time-sensitive messages, such as notifications of sales or special events, with very little delay. With no other advertising medium, this offers the “always on” advantage of mobile advertising. You have a higher chance of your customer receiving your message and reading it at their convenience at any time of the day.

The Value Of


Personal messages and conversations are now predominantly on their phones as opposed to face to face communication. You can curate and tailor your mobile advertising messages to convey a sense of intimacy to your customers. Building this relationship with your customers can increase your Brand Identity trust and boost your repeat customers numbers.

What Everyone Wants to Know

Mobile advertising, on average, costs a fraction of what other advertising channels are. With the benefits stated above, this means that you can reach more potential and repeat customers for less money that you have to spend. Similar to Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising implements the ease of A/B testing. If your first attempts of mobile advertising are not as successful as you had hoped, you can easily alter your settings for a more pleasing result.


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