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A lot of effort goes into driving visitors to your site, but what happens if they leave without turning into a lead? That’s where retargeting comes in. Remarketing, or retargeting, is the process of defining segments of website visitors based on their website behavior and then targeting them with online display ads after they’ve left your site. Retargeting provides a powerful channel to reach customers based on data specific to your site that only you have.

Remarketing groups look a little different for every brand, but here are some common ways of segmenting user groups for retargeting:


Messaging targeted to users who visited several pages during their visit


Use a visitor's location tag to create unique content based on geographic data.


Ads generated automatically based on specific product pages a visitor viewed.

Basic Remarketing


Every brand should be running some basic retargeting campaigns for users who started but did not complete a conversion metric. In other words, your website analytics platform should have specific goals and the capability of understanding when those goals are left incomplete.


Webranx remarketing campaigns always begin with this level of segmentation. Once conversion goals have been created for your site, we’ll begin directing display ads to users who left the site without converting, subtly reminding them to return to the site.


Once basic remarketing campaigns have been established, we’ll create more advanced campaigns based on dynamic ad generation. This powerful ad creation methodology allows us to generate ads based on the products available on your site and then serve those ads to users who visited your site.


You’ve undoubtedly encountered these dynamic retargeting ads in the wild. Online retailers from Amazon to Warby Parker serve up ads based specifically on which products users have viewed. So the next time that treadmill you were looking at shows up on the side of your browser, just remember it’s not the universe telling you to get in shape – it’s the power of retargeting at work.

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