Social Networking No-No’s for Businesses

Social Networking No-No’s for Businesses

As companies dive into social networking more and more, mistakes are bound to happen. Lucky for you, your predecessors have made some mistakes, so do not walk their same path. Instead learn from their mistakes and blaze a new successful social networking path.

If you do not already know, social networking is vital to growing your business and communicating with your target audience. It is also a way to market your services and products to customers. Also, it is a way for your customers to easily use word-of-mouth to promote your services or products.

However, if you go about it all wrong, it is an extremely easy way for your company’s reputation to sour and go viral within seconds.

Social Networking No-No’s

Below are some simple do’s and don’ts when planning your social networking strategy.

  • Farming out responses – Do not pay some outside company or automated service to respond to your customers. Invest in an in-house employee or department that is invested in your company to respond quickly and with correct information to any customer who posts a comment.

  • A single voice – Make sure you have company policies in place on how to respond on social media sites, but you do not have to be robotic. Use some personality and do not have every response under the same name or in the exact same tone of voice.

  • Sell, sell, sell – Of course you want to sell and promote your services or products but do not forget to inform your audience. You want to promote your business as being the industry leader so link to articles on industry new and keep your customers informed.

  • Random ideas – Do not just randomly and half hazardly throw whatever comes to your mind onto the social platforms. Create a social networking plan that your company will follow. Be flexible in tweaking the strategy as time goes by to improve on mistakes and improve your social media presence.

Keep it to yourself – Make sure that you communicate your social networking strategy to other departments in your business. Sales, marketing and social media should work closely together creating a united front.

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