When is the Best Time to Schedule a Meeting?


When is the Best Time to Schedule a Meeting?

Marketing firms have a lot of meetings: kick-off meetings, weekly client meetings, budget meetings, and the occasional internal-existential-crisis meeting. When to schedule these meetings is oftentimes the most important aspect in making them successful. As a Project Manager at Webranx, I’ve had plenty of experience in how to schedule the most successful meetings. When you’re asking “When is the best time to schedule a meeting?” follow these tips:

Time Zones

Finding the best time to schedule a meeting starts with the most obvious thing: time. Webranx’s clients and staff are scattered across the globe and having a handle on time zones is half the battle. And its really a battle: “Even if you think you can handle the simple math that comes with cross timezone meetings, it’s definitely worth getting a timezone extension to double check your scheduling” says Brianna Collins, a Webranx Account Manager.

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The Meetees

The first question you need to answer to answer “When is the best time to schedule a meeting?” is figuring out exactly who needs to be in the meeting and who should be getting the most out of that meeting.  If you’re a good project manager, you’re also a good people manager, learn your colleague’s traits, are they always on time? do they run late? do they not function if they’ve even remotely thought about that new food truck park? Answering these questions will let you schedule the meeting effectively internally.

The Meeters

Customers are always right isn’t just true in retail! While internal meetings always allow for flexibility, this is not always the case with busy business-running clients, always ask for their schedule first! Also, understand their traits, do they like open-ended vision-casting no matter the topic? Do they prefer fast-paced action-item-oriented power hours? These can help you decide whether to have the meeting in the morning or afternoon, and whether they should be early in the week or late.

The Answer

At Webranx the answer to “When is the best time to have a meeting?” is consistently 2pm. Allow the mornings for caffeine highs(and caffeine lows), uber productivity, and herding cats. By 2pm, the turn from work to conversation comes naturally and allowing that to funnel to internal issues or client needs is an incredibly efficient use of that antsy-ness.  2pm also allows for meetings to last as long as they want, short meetings mean action items are able to be done before the end of the day, while longer meetings aren’t encumbered by the need for a lunch break or anything else.

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