Choosing an Email Color Scheme


Choosing an Email Color Scheme

Choosing an email color scheme is vital so your email campaign will look professional and cohesive in combination with your site and marketing materials.

Consistency in your emails helps your customer to know that (1) they have received an email from your company and (2) when they click to your site that they have landed on the correct site.

You will need to choose about seven colors or hues to incorporate into your email template. You will need colors for the:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Text
  • Links
  • Background
  • Sidebar

If you already have a logo and website built, then choose your email colors from there. This will ensure that your brand has a consistent look and feel throughout.

Pick a color palette that is geared towards your target audience to facilitate drawing them into your brand, services and products.

For example, if you are selling relaxation candles, you will want serene, peaceful colors like a light green or off white. Bright, extravagant colors would only distract from the concept of your brand.

When choosing your color scheme, make sure you have a variety of contrasting colors. Your message will look bland or get lost if the colors are too light, too dark or too similar.

Choosing a background color and text color is very important. You want to ensure that the text is easy to read and the colors are easy on the eyes.

Keep in mind the sizes of the text on your site. If the font gets too small, your background color might bleed into the word and make it difficult to read.

Also, your background color should not be overpowering since it is the most prominent color to be used on the site.

Make sure that the color you choose for your links is not used elsewhere. This provides consistency and your links will stand out easily.

<p”>If you are having trouble deciding on a color scheme, one of your talented team members can assist you, so contact us today.

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