Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Site

Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Site | Webranx

Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Site

Choosing a color scheme for your site can really enhance your brand and logo. Yes it can become overwhelming but in the end it is a much needed task to undertake.

Make sure you choose a color range that has a variety of hues so all your marketing materials will match. For example, you will want your colors to be on your site, email templates, print materials and press kits.

When picking the colors, you can make the decision yourself or seek out the help of a seasoned online marketing professional. Either way, below are some tips to keep in mind when deciding on a color palette.

Online Tools
You can always go the old fashioned route and head to the local paint store to grab color swatches. Or, you can use online tools to help you find a range of color tones that are flattering to one another.

  • Kuler Palette by Adobe – This tool is easy to use and allows you to mix and match colors your self or select from a pre-made color schemes.
  • Psychology of Color – Some people believe color invokes certain emotions from people. If this is important to your business, then you will want select the right shade of colors using a psychology color chart.
  • Colour Lovers – This site can help you find the colors that are trending this season or for this year.
  • Color Combo – A site that allows you to compare pre-selected color swatches side by side or you can mix and match to find your own combination.
  • Design Seed – Choose and compare from a variety of pre-selected color swatches to find the right combination.
  • Pantone – Another helpful site that gives you the latest in trending color combinations.

Look Around You
Use your natural surroundings for inspiration. Take the time to look around as you drive to work or stand in line for coffee.

  • Photographs – Look at one of your favorite photographs and choose colors from there.
  • Favorite Color – Choose your favorite color and use different hues.
  • Color Wheel – Look at a color wheel and choose colors that are adjacent to each other or colors that are directly across from one another.
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