Designing a Social Media Marketing Plan

Designing a Social Media Marketing Plan

Planning and executing a social media marketing plan can be easy as long as you first clearly define your company goals. Knowing your products, target audience, company mission and services will allow you to better understand how social media will boost your business.

Social media is more than just getting fans, followers and likes on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You want to focus on bringing in quality customers that are interested in your services or products. You are not shooting for quantity. A million people visiting your site that are not interested will not up your sales.

Here a few things you want to showcase in your social media marketing plan:

  • Announce a new service or product
  • Get your target audience excited and talking about your brand
  • Direct traffic to your site from social media platforms by engaging the users
  • Generate some buzz for your company by having events or promotions

Once you have that nailed down, you need to choose the social media platforms that your demographic is using. Facebook tends to lean towards a younger audience. LinkedIn is a more professional oriented site. Define your audience and go with a mix of mediums to reach your target audience.

Another important part of a social media marketing plan is content and execution. First, you need to decide how often you want to post content. Next, you need to hash out a content calendar to make sure you post on time and at the frequency that is best for your brand.

You also want to make sure you are posting relevant content. Do not just spew whatever comes to mind. Your audience will only read your content and engage with you if you write about relevant topics.

Now that you have your company pages build on the pertinent social media platforms, you willl want to think about advertising as well. If your target audience is young, then run Facebook ads to drive them to make a purchase.

Remember a social media marketing plan is all about targeting the correct audience, informing them, engaging them to talk about your brand and driving them to buy your services or products.

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