Google Analytics Offers App for Android


Google Analytics Offers App for Android

Google has released the Google Analytics App for Android. The handy mobile Analytics App provides users with vital analytics data on the go. You can access this data anywhere, anytime. You can check figures quickly in a meeting or while talking to a client on the phone in your car. You don’t have to wait for your desktop anymore- now you can see those all important stats right on your phone with the new Analytics App.

The Analytics App lets you see see statistics in real time, customize your dashboards and access intelligence reports right on your mobile device. The app allows you to access your same profiles and accounts that you use on your desktop when you use Google Analytics. However, the app format has been designed to be easy to see and use on your phone.

The process of accessing and loading Google Analytics reports used to be a slow and arduous task from a mobile phone. Reports would take forever to load, if they would load at all, and the interface was difficult to navigate on a mobile phone. But now the information can be brought up instantly, since the phone’s processors help the Analytics App load. The interface is easier to navigate and use, making this a valuable tool for anyone who relies on Google Analytics.

According to Google, Android Analytics App users can see the following “swipe through” reports:

  • Real-Time: See the number of visitors you currently have and a list of the pages (for websites) or screens (for apps) that are currently popular.
  • Dashboard: Monitor the KPIs and user metrics you care about the most. By default, you’ll see your Daily Unique Visitors and your Goal Conversion Rate, but you can customize the dashboard to change which reports, metrics, or segments you see.
  • Automatic and Customized Alerts: Google Analytics detects statistical anomalies in your data and can send you an alert when something unusual happens. See either automatic alerts, or customize your settings to send alerts based on your own benchmarks.

The much anticipated new Analytics App already has an average user rating of 4 stars since its launch in June, 2012, and the number of positive reviews are growing daily. If you use Google Analytics even occasionally, this app should be next on your list of downloads for your mobile phone.

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