Do You Know How to do SEO?

Do You Know How to do SEO?

If you have a website then you need to at least know the basics of how to do SEO. Search engine optimization is key to getting your site ranked high and attracting the correct target audience for your business. Below is a quick rundown of some of the high-level basics of SEO.

Using targeted keywords and phrases help search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! easily find and rank your site. Whether you are targeting a local or national audience, the correct keywords will position your site to get you the customers you want for your business.

Keywords need to be placed in:

  • Metatags
  • Headlines
  • Sub-headlines
  • Content
  • The alt tag of all images on the site
  • URLs

Unique, relevant and keyword rich content is the most forgotten component of how to do SEO correctly. Having SEO optimized content will help your site rank higher and make it easier for your customers to find. Fresh content should also be added to your site in a regular manner to keep high ranking consistent. Investing in a good SEO writer will make it much easier to keep your content updated and also exposed on Facebook and Twitter.

Interlinking and outbound is another part of a good SEO plan. It is important to have your content interlinked to other relevant pages within your site. Also, developing a back linking strategy is vital to getting link backs from reputable sites to help your reputation and ranking.

Site Design
The way your site is designed and implemented can greatly affect your SEO rankings. For instance, spiders cannot read Flash, so if your site is completely designed using Flash, chances are your site will not rank at all with search engines. You can get around this issue by adding text description within your website’s code to give the spiders something to read and rank.

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