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Get a leg up on your competition and develop your SEO solutions for the rest of the year. Start the summer with a new SEO plan that will get you noticed and on your way to getting even more social with your customers.

In case you are late to the party, it is becoming more apparent that the search engines are pushing SEO to the forefront. The days of companies gaming the system is over.

There were many businesses that learned their lesson the hard way after Google’s release of Panda and Penguin earlier this year, and 2013 is proving to be even more SEO driven. You have to understand that the goal of each search engine is to return the most relevant results to their users.

So here is where SEO and social media come into play. Those two marketing pieces actually go hand-in-hand. Once you set a plan in motion to sync those two aspects together, you will see a dramatic difference in your efforts.

SEO Friendly Content

Content has always been important but it is vital this year. The content on your site will have to be relevant, high quality and informative. It will have to be a perfect marriage of keywords and a style that is consumer friendly.

You will also have to update the content on your site frequently. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by having a blog on your site. A blog not only sets you up as an industry leader to your readers but it gives the search engines new content to crawl.

Mixing and Mingling

An important part of your SEO solutions must be social media. Some companies are sitting back and wishing it would go away and they are in for a rude awakening. Social media is how most of society engages with friends, family and the companies where they shop. It’s ok if you don’t know it all, just get out there and learn or hire an agency to help you.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter allow you to interact with your audience in a friendly down-to-earth manner. These platforms allow you to potentially set your brand viral in a matter of minutes. Social media is the easiest way for your customers to also share your brand with their circle of friends.

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