Website Design Trends


Website Design Trends

It’s not just your clothes and your style that need to stay up-to-date — so does your website. Nothing screams ‘my mentality is stuck in the past’ like a site that has not been redesigned since the late 90s. It is all about first impressions, so your website design trends better be top notch.

But let’s be clear – I’m not just talking about how your site looks. It’s not that simple. I’m talking about how your site is built. Forget about tables and flash… think bigger… think along the lines of sliding images and responsive design.

Sliders on Pages

Look for sites taking advantage of having multiple sliders that continually rotate at the top of each page. It is most common on home pages. The sliders usually contain a graphic or image and a catchy marketing message.

Responsive Design

Now here are two words that are highly important if you want your site to keep you in business — responsive design. Your site needs to be able to easily adapt to the different mediums your customers are using: smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets.

Mobile Display Option

Since just about everyone has a smartphone, it is impossible to know if your customers are using desktops or their phones to visit your site. Make it easy on yourself and your customers and build your site to be mobile friendly. This allows your customers to choose if they want to look at the mobile site or the full version when on their smartphones.

Retina Display

With every new gadget that comes out, means more changes to your site. Now that computers and tables have retina display capabilities, your site needs to catch up with technology.

Need a cutting-edge site with the latest bells and whistles? Just contact us today and we can design and build a site for you that will blow your competitors away.

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