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Video Ad Campaigns


Though they’re a relatively new phenomenon in the digital advertising space, video ads have proven an effective and highly personal way to reach potential customers and build brand interest.


Even brands on a modest advertising budget can produce and distribute relatable, professional-looking video ads to highly specific audiences, often yielding tremendously higher return than a traditional television ad, at a fraction of the cost.


Webranx's professional video production lends credibility to your message


Audience Segmentation allows us to target specific audiences


Online video ads are interactive, which gives them a strong ROI.

Compare and Contrast


Like many methods of online advertising, video ads have similar qualities to a traditional marketing channel – in this case, television ads. And while the two may seem inextricably linked, there are a few key features that set them apart.

Know Your Audience

Regardless of medium, your video content should run for the audience most likely to turn into a customer. Traditional television commercials offer a degree of targeting but are limited in their specificity. You can get a general idea of who might be watching a certain channel at a certain time based on the program that’s airing, but the impressions (viewers) that you pay for are diluted by all the people outside your target audience who also happen to be watching that program.


Online video advertising, on the other hand, allows you to target a more specific audience based on geographic, demographic, and interest data made available by the platform.

Trim the fat from your marketing budget by creating highly targeted campaigns.

Drive Direct Conversions


Television commercials can be effective for creating general brand awareness but often struggle to drive real conversions centered around a specific call to action.


Because video ads run on a computer or mobile device that is connected to the Internet, they can generate the same level of brand awareness, but with the added ability to connect users directly to your site. Rather than relying on your customers to take the extra step to engage with your brand, you can entice them to do so immediately

Measured Spending

Marketing on a lean budget requires careful measurement and analysis of every dollar spent. Traditional video advertising lacks the tracking fundamental to accomplish this task. While it’s possible to gather some cursory information about response to your ad, measuring most or all of its effect simply isn’t possible. This is okay for some marketing plans, like brands willing to invest in long-term awareness with an understanding that the investment may take months or years to come.

However, most small businesses simply don’t have the marketing budget in their reserves to undertake this kind of play. You need to whether an ad campaign is working – fast. Online video advertising provides almost immediate feedback, allowing you to quickly adjust your budget and continually route funds to the most successful marketing channels.


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